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We do provide boarding as a service. To ensure the safety of all pets, we require all pets to have an exam each time they come in for boarding. We only charge for one exam but we examine your pet multiple times during their stay with us. We also do an exam before they go home, because of this exit exam all pets are able to go home after 10:00am on their departure date.

We also require all vaccinations to be current. If your pet was vaccinated with another facility we do require proof. We require vaccinations to be given by a veterinarian. All of our vaccination requirements are listed in the general pet care area.

We walk the dogs 4 to 5 times a day. We give each cat exercise time individually each day. Medications are dispensed as needed and charged by the number of treatments a day. Please bring your pets medication at the time of check in, if needed a new prescription will be dispensed. Also if your dog or cat is on a specific diet or has a sensitive stomach please bring in their own food. We feed Science Diet or Iams Veterinary Formulas. Personal items are welcomed; we do ask that any bedding be completely washable. We want to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Please download our boarding form and bring it in with you when you drop off your pet.


Required Vaccinations for Dogs

DHLPP-C Yearly, every 12 months
Bordetella Twice yearly, every 6 months
Rabies First vaccination is 1year
After first it is every 3 years


Required Vacinations for Cats

FVRCP Yearly, every 12 months
Rabies First vaccination is 1year
After first it is every 3 years
FeLV Yearly, every 12 months